On the 24th of February russia attacked and started unfair and invasive war known across the whole world.

Now thousands of people are running from Ukraine and around 1.5 million have already gone abroad. Most of them go to Poland via Lviv

Kindly ask you to support our shelter for temporary stay Sensoteca in Lviv

The shelter can temporarely place up to 20 people for 1-3 nights. The shelter is equipped in the library and our main needs are: food, hygiene products, transfer to and from railway stations and abroad, necessary staff for refugees like clothes, backpacks, power banks and financial support for refugees. 

We are charity fund Unbeaten path and starting from 2021 we are driving cultural, educational and inclusion projects.

Who we are

Unbeaten Path is an organization that has been operating in the field of culture, education and inclusion since 2001. Inclusion in culture was a fisrt strategic direction of organisation development: since 2001 we organise international festival of inclusive theatre The Way Festival as well as international inclusive residencies, laboratories & workshops. As part of the implementation of the music direction, since 2017 Unbeaten Path has been holding the music festival Lviv Bandur Fest,  co-founded the Bandura App mobile application, and teaching musicians at the Music Up -  school of music management and marketing.